Open Call For Regular Content Creators

Hello! Some people might know this already, but lately Flustered’s semi-official website has been on a bit of a break. However, it’s back, and as I, Raven, the editor, creator and currently only content creator, am having a bit of trouble with school and all, I was hoping there would be people interested in writing for the magazine?

There are rules, obviously, but right now, if you’d like to “apply” to be a part-time writer/content creator at Flustered, I could really use the help, and you would be able to fully credit yourself and everything. It’s not totally sorted but essentially you would, say, a few times a month or week (or even year if that works for you), email Flustered a writing, art or photography piece. We could work out a schedule if it reaches a regular point, and it would just be really fun!

Anyway, if you want to apply, just use a business-y email to fill out a little application including the following, and email it to :

+ Your pen name/nickname
+ Your age (optional, but preferable as many people write for the demographic they exist within so it’s up to you)
+ Your gender (optional)
+ What sort of art you specialise in (are you a writer/poet? A photographer/digital artist? A painter or musician? If so, what do you tend to produce?)
+ How regularly you would be able to create for Flustered
+ Whether or not this can be a long-term position for you (can this continue for over a year? Or just a few weeks/months?)
+ If you have any questions, let me know that as well and I’ll do my best to answer them.

I’m looking forward to hopefully hearing from some people!

Stay Flustered,
Raven xx

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