Open Call For Regular Content Creators

Hello! Some people might know this already, but lately Flustered’s semi-official website has been on a bit of a break. However, it’s back, and as I, Raven, the editor, creator and currently only content creator, am having a bit of trouble with school and all, I was hoping there would be people interested in writing for the magazine?

There are rules, obviously, but right now, if you’d like to “apply” to be a part-time writer/content creator at Flustered, I could really use the help, and you would be able to fully credit yourself and everything. It’s not totally sorted but essentially you would, say, a few times a month or week (or even year if that works for you), email Flustered a writing, art or photography piece. We could work out a schedule if it reaches a regular point, and it would just be really fun!

Anyway, if you want to apply, just use a business-y email to fill out a little application including the following, and email it to :

+ Your pen name/nickname
+ Your age (optional, but preferable as many people write for the demographic they exist within so it’s up to you)
+ Your gender (optional)
+ What sort of art you specialise in (are you a writer/poet? A photographer/digital artist? A painter or musician? If so, what do you tend to produce?)
+ How regularly you would be able to create for Flustered
+ Whether or not this can be a long-term position for you (can this continue for over a year? Or just a few weeks/months?)
+ If you have any questions, let me know that as well and I’ll do my best to answer them.

I’m looking forward to hopefully hearing from some people!

Stay Flustered!


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